* Fed up with trying various diets to lose weight?

* Struggle to know what exercises to do to tone up?

* Lack confidence in the gym?

I specialise in supporting women with their health and lifestyle goals which includes weekly training sessions, nutrition advice and reviewing your 'lifestyle laundry'.

Women are often juggling many balls and their own health takes a low priority, so self-care forms the foundation of my support to my clients.

My private studio is in my home setting to ensure you feel safe and comfortable.

Sessions are available in variety of payment plans to suit you, after having completed an initial assessment and consultation to assess your current health and fitness and agree your goals.

Initial 90 minute consultation and assessment is £75.

Personal Training Sessions are £50 an hour.

Weekly, monthly or blocks of 5 or 10 payments are available to fit you.

Monthly direct debit of £150 for 36 sessions in a 12 month period.

Please contact me for availability. I am currently full until September, so please get in touch to be put on my waiting list. Thank you


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Saturday 18th September, 11 - 1pm @ Home, Chichester

Do you leak when you sneeze or cough?

Avoid exercise for fear of an oops moment?

Belly still look pregnant despite doing loads of crunches and planks?

At this 90 minute Workshop you will learn:
* Why this is happening
* Small helpful changes to your daily activities
* How to assess for Diastasis Recti (Ab separation)
* How to get back feeling like you again
* Introduction to Holistic Core Restore ® Everywoman exercises, mobilisation and lifestyle changes

£17 per session




If you've had a baby, you are always post-natal, so this course is for you even if your 'baby' is 26.


'Blueberry Beginnings', a postnatal, Pelvic Floor and Core recovery Course which runs for 6 weeks over term time.

Suitable for mums with babies from 6 weeks of age and mums with older children who haven't restored their core function

This course starts rebuilding your foundations after having a baby, whether your baby is 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years.

The Blueberry Beginnings course takes a whole body approach to get you reconnected to your core and pelvic floor and back into exercise. ‘Core’ exercises alone won’t restore your function, and this course takes you through how to:
* improve your alignment
* breathe properly
* understand what is good core function
* how to feed your body the right nutrients to heal
* progress your fitness with pelvic floor and diastasis recti safe exercises.

As you progress through the course we will introduce the importance of strengthening your body to support your daily movements and how to stretch those tight muscles which are affecting your alignment.

Each client attending will be pre-screened for common problems including leaking, diastasis recti and prolapse.

Each 6 week block is £107 which includes the 6 one hour sesssions, Kit Bag containing resistance band, loop and pilates ball & additional information and weekly advice via a private Facebook group.

The course is limited to 6 people to ensure I provide hands on support at each class.




MUTU System is a proven post baby recovery program to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, heal your Diastasis Recti and help you to lose weight – all from the comfort of your home. Trusted by over 50,000 women around the world and recommended by medical professionals and specialists.


It is a complete step by step online program of educational, clear online video demos and fact file downloads, coaching, guidance to help you progress through specifically targeted real time workouts. Enabling you recover getting stronger, fitter & leaner week by week.  It's a proven tried and tested solution for mummy tummy, diastasis recti, pelvic floor problems & a core that isn't as functional or strong as it should be.

See some of the amazing results here

As a Certified MUTU Pro, I have been personally trained by Wendy Powell, Founder and CEO, to provide 1:1 and group support for MUTU System.

To purchase MUTU System, click on the MUTU Pro logo above or contact me directly for 1:1 or course offerings.