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Welcome to The Blueberry Wellness Hub ®

Many of us have gone online during the period of lockdown, with lots free workouts available.

While this is great to get you moving, unless you are super self motivated it can be hard to keep going, or tochoose the right exercises for you to help you achieve your goals.

With The Blueberry Wellness Hub ®, as well as workouts and recipes, you'll get ongoing support, accountablity and a community of likeminded women to support you whatever your health and wellbeing goals.

I'll provide tools to help you set your goals, how to keep on track, how to encourage your family to support you, how to stay motivated when set backs happen, as well as masterclasses in movement techniques.

There are 2 Hub Memberships to choose from, Gold with a live session each week plus 2 precorded workouts and Silver with one with pre-recorded workouts. Either way, you will feel part of a community and know you are not doing this alone.


So what do you get?

Gold Membership:

  •  1 x Weekly Live Workout a week.

  • 2 x New Precorded Workouts a week.

  • An amazing and growing library of HIIT, Strength and Mobilisation videos to do at home. Workouts range from 10 - 40 minutes. They are a mixture of bodyweight and some with equipment or items you can use from around the home. I'll also be throwing in some surprises!

  • A collection of healthy and delicious recipes from Breakfast through to Pudding.

  • Masterclasses which include movement techniques, the importance of the breath, posture and alignment and setting health goals.

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group where I will provide additional tips, regular Q&As, a workout planner and mini fitness and nutrition challenges.

Silver Membership:

All the above except the Weekly Live Workout.

Who can join?

Anyone who wants to dedicate time to themselves to improve their fitness and wellbeing and have fun along the way.

If you are a new client, I will send you a pre-screening questionnaire to ensure this is the right offering for you.

The Hub’s workouts aren’t suitable if you’re pregnant, newly postnatal, or have pelvic floor issues. But don’t worry – if you fall into these categories then I can support you with one of my Holistic Core Restore®️ programmes first.

If you have Pelvic Floor or Core issues such as incontience, a prolapse or Diastasis Recti please see my HCR ® Everywoman or HCR ® Diastasis offerings.


If you are Pregnant please see my HCR ® BUMP offering.


If you are newly Postnatal please see my HCR ® 4th Trimester offering.


How much is it?

£37 a month for Gold Membership and £30 for Silver Membership.

Payment is by a monthly Direct Debit.

One month's notice of cancellation by either party.