Holistic Core Restore® Athlete 12 is a 12 week online programme designed to get you fitter, faster and stronger, by upping the intensity and upping the effort so that you’re ultimately able to go for longer because you’ve built a strong foundation. You truly will enter ‘athlete mode’ with this programme and have a lot of fun getting probably the fittest you’ve ever been.

Who is this Programme for?

This programme is for any woman who:

  • Has already built a strong and stable core, perhaps you’ve been through the Holistic Core Restore Every Woman, programme, and you’re now ready to get even fitter, faster, and stronger, and work for longer.

  • Wants 12 weeks of of upping your game, upping the intensity, and upping the effort. Maybe you have a special occasion, holiday or significant birthday that you’re working towards.

  • Wants the flexibility to access an amazing workout for life that you can watch via your computer, tablet or phone from the comfort of your own home, over and over again.

  • Would like a higher intensity workout which is 100 per cent tailored to women’s bodies.

What do I get?

  • You get a link to a 20 minute workout per week from creator Jenny Burrell that is delivered to your inbox weekly, for you to carry out at your leisure.

  • There are 3 fitness challenges throughout the programme, designed to assess your fitness progression. This is an excellent motivational tool, to see whether you are on track, or if you need to up your game!

  • We'll do a weekly Live workout on Zoom every Wednesday at 19:45 of that week's workout to keep us all on track.

  • You also get a fortnightly short interval type exercise workout uploaded to the group from me via our private Facebook Athlete 12 group – so an additional 6 bonus workouts on top of the ones from Jenny.


What does it cost?

£107 for 12 weeks of online fitness

What do I need before we start?

You need a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone plus a Facebook account, so I can add you to our private group. (Please note you can still purchase this programme if you don’t have Facebook, you just won’t receive the weekly updates from myself.)

You need bands, balls, resistance tubing with handles, and some hand weights (dumbbells  1, 2kgs and possibly 3kgs if you want to progress your strength).


Most of the kit you will already have, if you have done the Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman course or Heat ®.


I have the balls and bands for sale, you can contact me to purchase (collection only). You can buy dumbells from Amazon, Aldi, Decathlon.

Next course date

Get in touch for upcoming dates.